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The Founder and CEO of Smart Flex Agents, LLC understands the time and dedication needed to obtain a residential insurance or real estate license. Knowing this, he also understands that many people fall short of meeting these goals. After seeing so many who had put in the effort but still fallen short of passing the state exam, he knew there had to be a way that he could help those in need.


While working on a way to solve this problem for many Georgia candidates, the nation was blindsided by the novel coronavirus. For many of us, this not only changed the way we live; it also changed the way business works. The coronavirus pandemic shifted the nation’s focus, seemingly overnight. With this shift, the team too shifted its focus, and it became clear what needed to happen.

After months of trial and error, Smart Flex Agents, LLC was created. Smart Flex Agents, LLC has since made it its mission to close this gap for Georgians.


Smart Flex Agents, LLC has been approved to offer candidates the opportunity to obtain a Limited Sub-Agent license without taking or passing the Georgia state licensing exam Smart Flex Agents, LLC has also partnered with a real estate consulting firm. This partnership allows you the opportunity to promote and consult in real estate, identity theft, pre-paid legal and more, all with no license required.
Smart Flex Agents, LLC’s goal is to help you reach your full potential on your terms and timeline. Call us to see how we can help you gain access to the top markets in Georgia and let us work with you to develop a business plan.


I hope that one day our paths will cross so that you can share with me the opportunities, challenges and rewards you have experienced, just by being part of one of the most rewarding opportunities in the business world.


I wish you all the best.

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